A story about former Colorado College bench boss Scott Owens, who announced his retirement from coaching hockey

Colorado College Hockey, 2010-11 season

Scott Owens is a very good coach and an even better person. There are numerous examples. You may have some of your own.
Here is one of mine that I wish to share upon news of his retirement from coaching.
I was laid off by the Gazette on Dec. 1 , 2011, the day before the DU at CC game. I was sitting down to write the preview when I got the call to come in immediately and bring my work laptop.
I joined the unemployed ranks of so many sportswriters before me and since. I knew the possibility but kept working, hoping and half expecting that it wouldn’t happen to me.
Now, I was stunned, scared and did not know what to do. It makes me queasy thinking about it now.
Everything is pretty much a blur until about 3 1/2 hours later. In the interim, then-Gazette sports editor Jim O’Connell had called former CC sports information director Dave Moross to inform him someone else would be covering Friday night’s home game.
Moross passed the news on to Owens after that night’s practice.
Owens called me to see how I was doing. Most coaches wouldn’t. He had no reason to treat me any differently. We got along, but we weren’t friends.
He asked how I was and gave me some words of encouragement. I babbled a response. I thanked him for calling. Hopefully, I cannot remember the call clearly.
But I do remember the gratitude I felt.
That gesture showed me a lot about why so many think the world of Owens. That gesture meant a lot to me then. It still does.
Best wishes to Scott Owens in his retirement.

About paisleyhockey
I am a freelance writer specializing in sports with about 25 years of professional experience.

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