Friday reading: CC, UND video, J. Schwartz, Rothstein, AFA, WCHA

jaden schwartzGazette columnist David Ramsey opines on the state of the CC team this season. Here are preview notes on the Tigers and on North Dakota.

Here is the Grand Forks Herald video preview concerning this weekend’s home series against CC.

Former Tiger Jaden Schwartz is back in the Blues training camp.

CC commit Sam Rothstein is a big reason (4g, 6a) the Sioux Falls Stampede have won nine of its last 10 in the USHL.

An Air Force player is out for the season with a concussion.

Sophomore goalie Ryan Massa is back for Nebraska Omaha. Western Michigan picked up a commit as did UNO.

Here is a look at the Anchorage at Minnesota series. Minnesota Duluth will be shorthanded for this weekend’s home series against Michigan Tech.

Boston College coach Jerry York will miss the New Hampshire series this weekend to recover from eye surgery.

A little-used Michigan freshman heads to the OHL.

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3 Responses to Friday reading: CC, UND video, J. Schwartz, Rothstein, AFA, WCHA

  1. Adame8t says:

    I understand Owens is considered a great recruiter but at some point the recruits potential must come to fruition. The last few seasons under Owens have been pitiful at best. Besides being the longest tenured and winningest coach in CC history what has he accomplished? 1 frozen four where the Tigers were promptly shown the door by DU. A win over BC in 2011 (which is Owens only playoff win since 2005). There are countless instances where CC fell short of their potential. Numerous times that CC should’ve been a contender but fell victim to Owens infamous second half collapses. This program is at a critical point. If the second half of the season plays out like the second half’s Owens has recently delivered then this program will suffer. Recruits will look elsewhere and CC will quickly become the doormat of the NCHC.

  2. Adame8t says:

    I think hometown reporters are generally like that. Most have a professional and sometimes personal relationship with players and coaches and maybe have some info that tends to influence their writing. I think the reporting has been fair and accurate for the most part. I do think that Brian Gomez did a great job exposing some of the flaws and weaknesses of Scott Owens. Especially his second half collapses that are all to common. Owens major issue as a coach is his total inability to close. His teams falter and stumble down the stretch. I truly believe that Owens has taken the CC program as far as he ever will. Coaches are no different than players. They have a ceiling and limit to their talent and ability. We’ve gone as far as we can with Owens.

  3. Adame8t says:


    Do you care to weigh in? Why do Owens teams falter and what is the responsibility of reporters and bloggers like yourself in exposing flaws and shortcomings.

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