Thursday reading: Year in review, WMU, NCHC season ticket prices

Here is the Mankato Free Press beat writer’s look back at the past year and the huge changes to the college hockey landscape. Seeing it all in a few hundred words is a good reminder of how different things became so quickly.

A big change for Western Michigan is the financial commitment the Broncos must make as a member of the new National Collegiate Hockey Conference. The story linked does a good showing that as part of a four-part series on the WMU athletic department budget.

Of interest to other NCHC fans is a box comparing season ticket prices for the eight member schools in the WMU article:

NCHC Season Ticket Prices for 2012-13

    • Denver: $360 – $624
    • Miami: $275 – $565
    • Nebraska-Omaha: $235 – $415
    • Colorado College: $149 – $409
    • Minnesota-Duluth: $400
    • St. Cloud State: $325 – $400
    • North Dakota: $390
    • Western Michigan: $190 – $210

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6 Responses to Thursday reading: Year in review, WMU, NCHC season ticket prices

  1. goon48 says:

    Joe, add $55.00 to the 390.00 and that is what you pay to sit in the upper deck of the REA… I know that some seats in the lower bowl require a bigger donation to the Fighting Sioux Club or what ever it is thatthey are calling it now.

  2. goon48 says:

    here is the link I still get the ticket so my wife can use it and I sell it for other games. We bought tickets with a group of four and for every two seats we split like 55.00 – you get a Champions Club Card which gets you into the woman’s games free.

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