Thursday reading: Fundraisers, Anchorage defections, Bachman, Rau, Defending The Blue Line, Alaska Plan reaction, St. Cloud State profile

The Hockey and Hearts Celebrity Golf Tournament was held at the Lynbrook Golf Course in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan on Monday with 12 various sports celebrities, including (L-R) Mike Blaisdell, Logan Pyett, Garth Murray, Brandon Gromley, Luke Schenn, Jaden Schwartz, Keith Aulie, Tyler Bozak, Mark McMorris, Don McMorris, Roger Aldag and Bob Poley. The event raised $150,000.

Three Alaska-Anchorage players have left the program this offseason.

Dallas has made an offer to restricted free agent and former Tiger Richard Bachman. Chad Rau has signed a two-way deal (terms not disclosed) with the Wild organization as has UND’s Chay Genoway.

Here is a feature on the Defending the Blue Line organizer. Here is a recap of the event.

Here is a blog opinion on the WCHA’s Alaska Plan which is looking more and more temporary with each story published on it.

Here is a detailed look at St. Cloud State by the RPI fan blog.

Two Division III powerhouses are changing conferences.


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4 Responses to Thursday reading: Fundraisers, Anchorage defections, Bachman, Rau, Defending The Blue Line, Alaska Plan reaction, St. Cloud State profile

  1. Pink Pony says:

    With all these players leaving the UAA Seawolves program makes me think they should go to Independent. What did they have three wins last season. They should do the WCHA a favor by leaving their affiliation and should regroup.

    From what I saw from last season these kids were not motivated and it hut every time they stepped onto the ice.

    Mr Cobb should do the program a favor by declaring their Independence in two seasons.

  2. Going independent is not the answer, just ask the UAH program, which may not exist in a couple years.

  3. Pink Pony says:


    I think it would work if both Alaska teams went Independent. How?

    First they could play each other eight times a year which they would end up playing each other that much in the nWCHA setup, anyway.

    Next, Invite teams to a few tournments a year around the holidays, beginning and ending of the season. Teams would play in tournments in Alaska because of the exempt factor for the 48 state teams. Which would mean more home games for teams that travel to Alaska. The Big 10 teams would go to Alaska since they have so many non conference games.

    Also, they would be able to invite many Canadien Universities which I believe they would fill out their schedule nicely.

    The exempt factor would be the motivation factor for schools to go to Mystery Alaska.

    Finically strapped Division Two schools aren’t going to able to support the Alaska teams themselves. This is asking too much from small colleges like MTU, NMU, LSSU, FSU, Bemdji, Mankato and the almost folding program Bowling Green.

    Poor schools aren’t going to support Alaska teams at $10,000 a pop.

    • Pony,
      First off sorry for the delayed response, I missed the email alert telling me someone had commented.
      Everything you typed sounds plausible but would require A LOT of things to fall into place. Even so, the red flag for me would be that games against Canadian foes would not count toward Pairwise. If so, neither team could advance to the NCAAs. That is a dealbreaker for any alumni base. It would not be a good decision for UAA and UAF to make such a move.

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