Wednesday reading: Adam, Testwuide, Holmstrom, UND, UMass job

Louisville Police Officer Don Adam is also a WCHA hockey referee. Adam was photographed at work Tuesday afternoon, June 12, 2012. Karl Gehring/The Denver Post

Here is a well-done feature on WCHA referee Don Adam, pictured, whose day job is as a City of Louisville police officer.

The Flyers extended a contract offer to Ben Holmstrom but not former Tiger Mike Testwuide. It looks like the former CC captain will be a free agent after July 1.

UND nickname supporters file another appeal.

The Mankato beat writer talks about the WCHA’s Alaska Plan for the 2014 playoffs.

Suddenly the UMass head coaching job is open.

The incoming Wisconsin freshmen are coming in this week to start summer school.

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4 Responses to Wednesday reading: Adam, Testwuide, Holmstrom, UND, UMass job

  1. Pink Pony says:

    The Alaska plan is a complete embarrassment for college hockey.

    The nWCHA should be looking to expand to twelve teams and pursue Mercyhurst, Robert Morris, Cansius, and Niagara. All of these teams said they want to have 18 scholarships.

    Expanding to twelve teams would eliminate the Alaska plan and prevent teams from going to Alaska as frequent.

    • Unfortunately, Alabama-Huntsville is left twisting in the wind. The future does not look bright for the Chargers. Any ideas where UAH could feasibly land? AHA? WCHA?

  2. Pink Pony says:

    UAH Chargers are not going to get in the WCHA. The teams are poor and Alaska teams haven’t been putting up good numbers of late. Not less the Chargers pay the bill they will not get into the WCHA. It isn’t like Air Force who pays some of the bill of the even poorer AHA teams.

    The only way the Chargers get in is if both Alaska teams leave the nWCHA.

    If Alaska teams stay. Look to move to twelve teams and both Pennsylvania teams of Mercyhurst and Robert Morris would help Bowling Green for traveling issues which is a WCHA nightmare for a team that has almost folded a few seasons ago.

    So the nWCHAs only Division one team Bowling Green which almost folded and you have a bunch of poor Division two teams located in remote areas.

    I only think both Alaska schools and the UAH Chargers only add salt to the wound that is bleeding. I would pursue Mercyhurst and Robert Morris since both have been interested in having 18 scholarships. Another positive is Pittsburg is hosting the Nationals next year which would be a good lead in for the two teams to enter the nWCHA.

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