Wednesday reading: Grimaldi, Sioux vote, NCHC, Skating for Hope

According to the Grand Forks Herald, Rocco Grimaldi will be a freshman next season and eligible for WCHA rookie of the year.

The state’s voters have voted to eliminate the Sioux nickname in convincing fashion. No doubt there will be some more legal wrangling but it will be much harder for nickname supporters to keep up the fight now.

Yes: 113,684 (67.35%)

No: 55,114 (32.65%)

426/426 Precincts reporting.  A “Yes” vote retires the nickname.

Zach Parise may be looking at the Wild now that he is a free agent. I am not ready to buy that just yet. The Kings are more likely since they can expect to be a playoff contender.

Here are some good details from the NCHC postseason announcement, including a logo in the next three weeks and talk of a new league championship trophy.

The second “Skating for Hope” fundraiser is coming up.

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