Owens happy for Jaden and Schwartz family

Few were surprised that former Tigers sophomore left wing Jaden Schwartz left college early to go pro, especially when offered an NHL contract and a spot on the big club roster the rest of this season.

Plenty may be a little disappointed, a little selfishly perhaps, that Schwartz chose not to play another season in Colorado Springs. Many of those same fans are happy for Schwartz.

Count Tigers coach Scott Owens among them.

“We knew there was a good chance he was leaving,” Owens said Tuesday morning, the day after Schwartz flew to Chicago to meet his new teammates. “We knew coming in he was not going to be a four-year player. He had an opportunity to leave last summer. Whenever you have an elite player, you selfishly hope for another year.”

That said, Owens was pleased to have the 14th overall draft pick (2010) for the NHL-leading St. Louis Blues for two years and happy that he made the jump directly to the NHL. It reflects well on the Tigers program.

When Schwartz makes his debut, perhaps as early as Tuesday at the Blackhawks, he will be the 14th former Tiger to play in the NHL this season

“We are excited for him and his whole family,” Owens said.  “He’s realizing a dream.”


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