Tuesday reading: Tiger fans should keep an eye on CCHA playoffs; Geoffrion keeps it in the family; other notes

Here’s a look at the CCHA playoff matchups. Here’s why Tiger fans should pay attention this weekend: Lake Superior State, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Western Michigan are all just head of CC in the Pairwise rankings. A series loss for those schools — guaranteed since ND and OSU play each other — would free up an NCAA Tournament spot for CC, assuming the Tigers take care of business down the stretch.

The Denver fan blog theorizes about the 2012-13 Pioneers scheduled, which may include two games against Air Force.

Reinstating the Sioux nickname has already hurt the North Dakota track team, with it losing a spot at the University of Iowa invitational. This blog post wonders loud if it’s worth it or not.

This blog talks about the likely WCHA coach of the year candidates led Michigan Tech’s Mel Pearson. I would be shocked and a bit dismayed if he didn’t garner the award. The Huskies won four games last season. Pearson got win No. 5 on Oct. 28. Enough said.

The same blog also talks about rookie of the year with Minnesota’s Kyle Rau as the top contender.

Look for former Badger Blake Geoffrion to become the fourth generation of his family to play for the Canadiens tonight. He was called up Monday after a trade to the Montreal organization.

I reported last night that CC got a top-end commit — since confirmed by the player — in center Hunter Fejes of Anchorage. He’s likely to come in 2012 judging from the latest Chris Heisenberg list, which does not include him, yet. RW Alex Roos committed on Feb. 8.

. Alex Roos-RW 2/8/12 2013 or 2014 Team Illinois U18 5’8 150 12-5-94
. Daniel Labosky-LW 12/29/11 2013 or 2014 Benilde St.Margaret 5’6 150 5-24-95 2011 USA U17 Team
. Duggie Lagrone-RD 10/24/11 2013 Des Moines (USHL) 5’10 185 6-23-94
. Garrett Cecere-LD 8/18/11 2013 or 2014 Janesville (NAHL) 5’9 155 1-5-95 2011 USA U17 Team
. Gustav Olofsson-LD 3/11/11 2013 or 2014 Colorado Thunderbirds 6’1 170 12-1-94
. Jaccob Slavin-D 12/17/10 2013 Chicago (USHL) 6’2 167 5-1-94 2011 USA U18 Team
. Christian Heil-C 12/16/10 2013 Chicago (USHL) 5’11 150 3-25-94
. Michael King-D 12/7/10 Westside (BCHL) 6’4 200 1-22-93 48-5-18-23-22
. Matt Hansen-RW 10/5/10 Austin (NAHL) 5’10 163 5-11-93 44-5-5-10-4

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