Feature on Air Force’s Mitch Torrel, a real hero

Mitch Torrel received the Hometown Hero award when Air Force played an exhibition game in Wenatchee, Wash., this season (photo: Den Mar Services).

Here’s my USCHO feature on Mitch Torrel, a truly impressive young man. I hope you enjoy it.

Air Force’s Mitch Torrel has already shown he’s ready for whatever challenges his military career may hold.

The sophomore forward stepped up 21 months ago when he alerted and escorted out some of the 150 elderly residents of a Wenatchee, Wash., assisted living complex during a fire that destroyed one apartment and resulted in the deaths of two of their neighbors.

“Anyone would have done it,” the future combat rescue or special tactics officer from Monticello, Minn., replied when told many consider him a hero.

Certainly anyone wearing a cadet uniform, coach Frank Serratore said.

“I’d like to think that I’d do something, you’d do something and so would our players,” Serratore said. “We don’t really know what we’d do until we’re in that situation. I commend him for doing the right thing. It’s typical of the quality of people we have at the Academy.”

Most people would have called in the fire, as Torrel did, and watched in safety until authorities arrived. But Torrel is not most everyone. He ran into the building, pulled the fire alarm and banged on doors to alert the residents.


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